Epoxy Furniture Introduction Part-1

scanning: time:2021-09-07

#Design Inspiration

Noah’s Ark in the Bible. After drifting on the flood for more than forty days, Noah released a dove. A few days later, the dove came back with an olive. Noah knew that the flood had receded and the land had surfaced. Peace in the world...

In Europe, olive wood has been given a cultural connotation that symbolizes peace. At the same time, it is a veritable aristocratic tree species and is the preferred raw material for many high-end luxury wooden parts. Because its growth requires a unique environment, it is not widely distributed and raw materials are very scarce. It has always been favored and sought after by dignitaries and artistic people.

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The unique attributes of olive wood have become the designer's main source of inspiration. In order to show the spatial tension brought by wood and multiple materials, the "Sky Stream Series" was born...

#Design and Craft

The "Skyline Stream Series" presents a natural, modern and modern tea space with wooden olive wood as the main material, combined with transparent materials such as Icelandic crystal and acrylic, to satisfy the use of functions and at the same time give it artistic attributes.

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Part-1 Tea table 

Thousand-year-old rhyme, to wood pure heart, select hundreds or even thousands of years old Italian Sicily Olive Wood Plank, very precious. Adhering to the concept of environmental protection, through the natural law of the fallen trees as the material, after a thousand years of baptism, have been made of tea table with these boards soaked in the story of the Millennium.

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In order to retain the most natural texture and smell of olive wood, tea table surface without any paint, and after long-term use will have a natural slurry effect, more valuable.

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The hollow part of the olive wood is filled with resin, and the supporting foot is acrylic, which neutralizes the dull smell of the wood. It is arranged horizontally and vertically, and interspersed in the solid wood table, displaying the traditional mortise-and-tenon technology The combination of ancient wood and modern materials spans space and time, colliding with the aesthetic style of the Nothing in Common.

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