Epoxy Furniture Introduction Part-2

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Designers in the shape, structure, material, sense of force have done a full consideration. Iceland Crystal Material as the carrier, into the elements of litter, natural breath blowing from the face, so that the tea chair has become fresh up. The supporting foot looks like a split foot, with the base supported by a piece of olive wood. The multi-material combination makes it lively and layered.

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The entire handrail inside and outside Radian conforms to the ergonomics design, and matches the movable soft package. The soft bag is made of strong and abrasion-resistant Italian cowhide. It is filled with feather and down. It is very comfortable and easy to manage.

Part-3 Tea Cabinet 

Break with convention and reinvent the new fashion tea cabinet with Italian olive wood, Indonesian striped Ebony, poplar warts and acrylic as the main materials. The display cabinet is attached to the main frame of poplar tumor. The unique design style, material and tea table, tea chair correspond, the sense of atmosphere and value can be seen.

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The Tea Cabinet has the function of display and storage. It is also an art decoration and can be used as a partition decoration.

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Client cases

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